My Morning Jacket Set to Jam Stage AE; Tasty Nepalese Cuisine at Subba (Thurs., 6/4/15)

1) Louisville’s My Morning Jacket comes in two styles. There’s the studio style—solid, with few creative lows, and experiencing a renaissance with 2015’s The Waterfall, arguably their best album in a decade. Then there’s the live style—a truly mythological and religious experience in a time when such adjectives are carelessly bantered to describe shows of lesser caliber. So even if you’re unfamiliar with the Neil-Young-meets-reggae jam of “Off the Record” or the R&B-infused “Compound Fracture,” jump online to get a ticket to their show at Stage AE. This is a band that played a four-hour set at Bonnaroo in 2008 which included the hit “Off the Record.” Frontman Jim James, an accomplished songwriter in his own right, has also paid tribute to Bob Dylan both on screen (2007’s I’m Not There) and in the studio (2014’s Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes.) Floating Action opens. Doors open 7 p.m. 400 North Shore Dr., North Shore.

2) As a sign of Pittsburgh’s growing cultural diversification, Nepali cuisine has been cropping up around the Steel City, with the North Side’s Subba generating some serious buzz among foodies. Quick geography primer: Nepal, home of Mt. Everest, is a country bordering India to the northeast. Unsurprisingly, then, Nepali food is reminiscent of Indian food. But, if you’re a Pittsburgher looking for something more familiar, something, say, pierogi-like, try momo—Nepalese dumplings filled with chicken and spices. Get them pan-fried or steamed. Other popular favorites include mango lassi (a yogurt-based drink) and a variety of meat and vegetarian dinner plates. Subba also serves Indian and Chinese dishes. Although the restaurant’s inside decor may be bare, it’s the food that’s bursting with color. 700 Cedar Ave., North Side.

3) Mario’s East Side hosts Team Trivia Night every Thursday. Win, place, or show and your team will earn Mario’s gift certificates. Play against the Miller Lite Girls, and you could even win Miller Lite trinkets and giveaways! Feed your brain after the long winter season. 8 p.m. 5442 Walnut St., Shadyside.