Roy Ayers Brings “Sunshine” to JazzLive Fest; ‘Mixed Emotions’ at Apple Hill Playhouse (Sat., 6/17/17)

1) “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” is certainly a true statement—it especially relates to us Pittsburghers as we emerge from a dreary spring, and it’s also the title of one of funk/soul/jazz musician Roy Ayers’ top songs. Ayers—who plays keyboards and vibraphone—likes creating feel-good music because he says that type of music most closely matches his personality. He has the noted distinction of having more of his songs sampled by rappers than any other recording artist. Music industry phenom Pharrell Williams has said that Roy Ayers is one of his main musical influences. Ayers is performing at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s JazzLive International Festival. 7:15 p.m. Free. Penn Avenue Stage I Penn Ave., Cultural District. 


2) An insightful comedy about love and loss, Mixed Emotions follows a widow and a widower who when there spouses were still alive, saw each other frequently and they all traveled together. The widow, Christine, is a Catholic interior designer,and romantically pursued by widower Herman, a Jewish carpet dealer. What complicates Herman’s endeavor in Richard Baer’s play even more is that Christine is packing up to leave New York City for Florida. She also thinks the prospect of dating Herman feels a little odd since they were all friends together. Herman is one determined guy and continues to try and woo her among the bustle of the moving men. Mixed Emotions runs through June 17. Apple Hill Playhouse  275 Manor Road, Delmont.