2 Sisters 2 Sons Offers Jamaican Food and Vegan Options in Sharpsburg (Sat., 7/25/20)

2 Sisters 2 Sons, which opened in the beginning of July amid the pandemic, serves authentic Caribbean cuisine right in Sharpsburg. The restaurant is hard to miss, what with its green and yellow exterior and caricatures of the owners. Those colors also echo the Jamaican flag. Appetizers include fried plantains and seafood fritters. Meat options are separate chicken, goat, oxtail, pork, and seafood dishes, much of them prepared with either brown stew, curry, or in a jerk style. Vegetarians can choose from their own spot on the menu, which lists vegan lasagna and a vegan chicken sandwich among other items. There are also made-to-order salads. The sides are numerous, but mac-n-cheese is a popular option, at least if the restaurant’s social media feeds are any indication. 2 Sisters 2 Sons is take-out only for now, and it delivers through Uber Eats and Grub Hub. 1882 Main St., Sharpsburg. (CM)