Last Day for ‘A Devil Inside at Point Park REP; Palm Plays Club Cafe (Sun., 2/18/18)

1) It’s hard to imagine that a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright ever wrote something this bizarre, but you can see for yourself when THE REP performs David Lindsay-Abaire’s A Devil Inside. Lindsay-Abaire won the 2007 Pulitzer for Rabbit Hole, a gripping psychodrama. But he also writes dark comedies about people coming unhinged in weird ways, and A Devil Inside is perhaps the wildest. It has been described as Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment meets “Arrested Development.” A young New York City man is told that he must avenge the death of his father, who was stabbed and had his feet chopped off while hiking in the hills to lose weight. The young man is in love with a college girl, who has a crush on her Russian Lit professor, who is obsessed with the desire to murder an appliance repairman, whose girlfriend is … wait. Do people still have appliances repaired? THE REP is Point Park University’s professional company. They’re doing A Devil Inside at Pittsburgh Playhouse. 2 p.m. Ends today. 222 Craft Ave., Oakland. (MV)

2) Palm opened for Deerhunter at Mr. Smalls in January 2017. This month, the Philadelphia experimental quartet headlines Club Cafe. The members mix time signatures and tempos while strumming psychedelic riffs and looping percussion effects. New album, Rock Island, is out February 9. The Spirit of the Beehive and It It open. 8 p.m. 56-58 S.12th St., South Side. (CM)