Agatha Christie’s Play ‘Go Back for Murder’ at The Summer Company; Pirates vs. Cardinals (Thurs., 8/17/17)

1) For fans of murder mysteries, especially Agatha Christie murder mysteries, The Summer Company has just the play for you: Go Back for Murder. The plot revolves around the central character, Carla Crale, who receives a letter from her mother, Caroline, regarding the murder of her father. Her mother was convicted of the crime and died in jail. After her mother’s death, Carla receives the letter. She sets off on an exploration for the truth and cajoles those who were present when her father was killed to return to the scene of the crime and give their recollections as to what occurred. Go Back for Murder delves into how people’s observations are influenced by the passage of time and the individual’s frame of reference. Christie wrote the play in 1960, and it was adapted, with some changes, from her book Five Little Pigs. Continues through August 27. Duquesne University Genesius Theater, 600 Forbes Ave., The Bluff. (RH)

2) The Pirates are in action today against the St. Louis Cardinals in a 7:05 p.m. game at PNC Park. In recent years Pittsburgh and St. Louis have been strong baseball rivals. It has made for a fun rivalry. It would also be fun today if the Pirates beat the Cards. 115 Federal St., North Shore.