‘Revelation’ Continues at Andy Warhol Museum; Phipps’ Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show (Tues. 2/18/20)

The "sunset" film, with words by Nico, is a slow-motion soliloquy.

Andy Warhol’s ‘sunset’ film, with words by Nico, plays on a continuous loop at the entrance to the ‘Revelation’ exhibit.

1) Wintertime is museum time. Strolling through an art museum provides indoor aerobics while exercising the mind and senses, and The Andy Warhol Museum offers an added attraction this winter. The special exhibit Andy Warhol: Revelation traces how the artist’s Byzantine Catholic upbringing led him to revisit religious and spiritual themes in his art. In one sense, the show is biographical. It includes devotional objects from Andy’s boyhood home, souvenirs of his 1980 visit to Pope John Paul II, and more. But the art is what makes Revelation sing. Much of it is in Warhol’s signature style: images taken from other sources and altered for dramatic effect. There’s an amazing bright-pink riff on Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” A highly doctored version of Leonardo’s “Annunciation” is literally soul-stirring. Other pieces explore religion and sexuality, and some haunting works—including a projected film—are meditations on mortality. Altogether, Revelation reveals a complex man’s spiritual journey. See our review, which recommends the show, and visit The Warhol on the web for details. Extended through March 1; open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. today. 117 Sandusky St., North Side. (MV)

Andy's doubled-in-pink 'Last Supper' looks tiny here but spans a wide wall in the gallery.

Andy’s doubled-in-pink ‘Last Supper’ looks tiny here but spans a wide wall in the gallery.

2) As if the orchids alone aren’t worth your visit, Phipps offers world-class demonstrations of
bonsai, “ex situ” fern conservation, and, of course, its perennial exhibits, creatively staged each
year to amaze and astound. Until March 8, both collections of orchids and bonsai are featured in an exhibit that is truly Out of This WorldThen, opening on March 21, for four weeks only, is
the 2020 Spring Flower Show, “Canopy of Color.” From hydrangea to hyacinths and dahlias to
daffodils, Phipps will levitate bright palettes of aural hues, suspending dozens of floral umbrellas
in a vast sky of Spring showers. Look for an interactive fountain of 120 garden hoses. So
popular is the Spring Show that lines form early and tickets sell fast. Best to plan your visit now
and purchase tickets in advance online. Phipps admission tickets are good for a single day’s
use within thirty consecutive days of date of purchase. One Schenley Park. (P. Orr)