Bahamas in the “Burgh”; Seminoles vs. Panthers (CPs Wed., 1/14/15)

1) Forget about that Caribbean cruise; tonight Bahamas sails to Club Cafe. Like Cat Power and Nine Inch Nails, Bahamas is the project of a single person—Afie Jurvanen. As if to clear any ambiguity, Jurvanen titled his third album Bahamas Is Afie. Like previous Bahamas releases, the album features a laid-back folk sound. The music is reminiscent of sandy beaches and tropical breezes, a far cry from Jurvanen’s hometown of Barrie in rural Ontario, Canada. Prior to Bahamas, Jurvanen worked as a touring guitarist for Feist. As Bahamas, he has opened for Wilco and played SXSW. He also recently appeared on Conan and is part of 91.3 WYEP’s rotation. Field Report opens. 8 p.m. 56 – 58 S. 12th St., South Side. This show is SOLD OUT, but tickets may be available on reseller sites.

2) The Florida State Seminoles challenge the Pitt Panthers in a little game of hoops at the Pete tonight. Pitt coach Jamie Dixon has recently been utilizing several different defenses—including the press and a 2-3 zone—to set these young Panthers up for success. The Seminoles football team lost last week in the national quarterfinals game; here’s to giving their basketball team a tough loss tonight as well. Jump ball at 9 p.m. Petersen Events Center, 3719 Terrace St., Oakland.

3) 2001: A Space OdysseyThis Stanley Kubrick sci-fi classic was released in 1968 … and to this day few people can figure out what the hell it means. In the film’s future world, scientists  discover a mysterious black monolith buried under moon dirt, and they send a couple of astronauts to Jupiter in hopes of finding the slab’s creators. Trivia alert regarding the on-board computer HAL—if you move each letter in his name forward one letter of the alphabet, you get IBM. This movie features one of the most famous jump cuts of all time: A bone is thrown into the air and comes back down as a space ship … a span of four million years covered in less than a second. 3:35 p.m. Row House Cinema, 4115 Butler St., Lawrenceville.