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Biddle’s Escape Features Coffee, Tea and More; Global Mondays at Cappy’s (Mon., 4/9/18)

1) Biddle’s Escape, on Biddle Avenue between Regent Square and Wilkinsburg has a great selection of coffee drinks, teas, and sweet treats. One that has been getting a lot of “buzz” is the Hungarian Szegedi Kave, a Hungarian style espresso with steamed half-and-half, vanilla sugar, Szeged cinnamon, and whipped cream. Another cool thing is their patio where on a warm day you can sit beneath the trees and carved wood faces and enjoy the shade. As you may remember from local history and a movie titled Mrs. Soffel, the Biddle brothers escaped from the Allegheny County jail with the aid of Mrs. Soffel (the warden’s wife who was in love with one of the brothers) in 1902. 401 Biddle Ave., Regent Square/Wilkinsburg.

2) It’s Global Mondays at Cappy’s Cafe in Shadyside with imported bottled beers for only $3. While there, team up an import with a bowl of their scrumptious chili. 5431 Walnut St.