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Chelsea Handler: Conversation and Humor at Benedum; Byham Hosts Mummenschanz Dance (Wed., 4/4/18)

1) Entertainment powerhouse Chelsea Handler is a highly successful  TV talk show host, media personality, comedian, author, and producer. She was the host of E! network’s “Chelsea Lately” from 2007 to 2014. She also had her own documentary series on Netflix, “Chelsea Does,” and “Chelsea,” a TV news magazine show which ended its two-year run in 2017.

Handler has had five books on the New York Times Best Seller list, with four of those hitting the no. 1 spot. Her latest book is 2014’s Uganda Be Kidding Me, which was also the name of her comedy tour for that year. Handler finds humor in her own foibles and the people and events around her, which makes her easily relatable. She has appeared on all major talk shows and has numerous acting credits including ” The Practice,” ” The Bernie Mac Show,” and her own show on NBC in 2012, “Are You There Chelsea?” The evening of captivating conversation and humor with Handler is hosted by Bruce Vilanch and produced by the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh. Her Pittsburgh appearances always do well so get your tickets now. 7:30 p.m. Benedum Center, 237 7th St., Cultural District.


2) You have probably seen pantomime, and you’ve surely seen people in masks, but here’s betting 100 Swiss francs that you haven’t seen anything like Mummenschanz. The members of this inventive Swiss theater company bill themselves as “musicians of silence.” Like all good Europeans they speak multiple languages, though never a word onstage. They act out stories—or, some would say, they act out primal emotions and basic human predicaments—by moving about artfully (and often humorously) while wearing gigantic “masks,” which in many cases are actually intricate whole-body costumes. (Ever seen a human actor playing a hand—meaning, literally, a disembodied hand?) Mummenschanz was founded in 1972 by a trio of young performers who said they were influenced by the creative tumult of the Sixties. The company has grown and evolved since then, earning worldwide recognition. Today’s Mummenschanz-ers are coming to town to perform their new show titled you & me. They’re here as part of the Cohen & Grigsby Trust Presents Series. 7 p.m. Byham Theater, 101 6th St., Cultural Distr

3) Our battlin’ Bucs take on the Minnesota Twins in the second and final game of an interleague series tonight at 6:05 p.m. PNC Park, 115 Federal St., North Shore.