Cool Picks Wednesday July 11, 2012

1) Alternative rock band Sublime plays Stage AE with supporting acts Rome, Cypress Hill, Pepper, HB Surround Sound. Gates open 5 p.m. North Shore.

2) Indy radio darlin’ Maia Sharp is in concert at Club Cafe with special guest Garrison Starr. Sharp is touring in support of her latest recordings, “Echo.” Show time 8 p.m. 56-58 South 12th Street, South Side.

3) The classic date is dinner and a movie, at Flagstaff Hill on Wednesday nights you can have a band and a movie date (and dinner too if you bring something). Tonight’s band is L’Lamint and the movie, Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol (PG-13). Band starts at 7p.m. flick at dusk. CITIPARKS Cinema in the Park.

4) We’ve all heard of “all-you-can-eat restaurant” specials, at Arsenal Bowl tonight’s special is All-You-Can-Bowl for $8, with live music thrown into the package. 212 44th & Butler Streets, Lawrenceville.

5) Today’s date is 7/11, which makes me think of things relating to that numerical combination. One, is the casino dice game Craps, where the numbers “7” and “11” figure prominently. The date also makes me think of 7-Eleven Slurpee’s, full of imitation flavors, loaded with sugar and crushed ice. So hit the 7-Eleven store for a Slurpee, Iced Coffee or Big Gulp on the way to your favorite casino to play craps.


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Rick Handler

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