Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival Begins Today (CP’s Wed. 5/15/13)

1) The Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival opens today in Oakland at the University of Pittsburgh Theaters and Schenley Plaza. In its 27th year the festival draws actors and  performers from around the globe including: Australia, Ireland, Russia, The United Kingdom and the good ol’ U. S. of A. Other attractions include Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo (don’t try to pet the Tyrannosaurus rex when it’s eating), European style clown troupe Aga-Boom (created by veteran of Cirque du Soleil Dimitri Bogatirev), African Porquoi Tales (inspiring tales that came with the Africans to America), Exxopolis (beautifully designed air blown architectural structures), Egg and the Spoon (a magical presentation of the wonders of the different seasons with interactive presentations) The Girl Who Forgot To Sing Badly (a theater production from Ireland about an angel who can’t sing very well) and more. Featured event tickets range from $5 to $8 with many free activities as well. Festival runs through Sunday.

2) The 2013 Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival opens today. The festival celebrates diversity and appreciation of Asian and Asian-American experience through cultural events. Featured films and filmmakers have origins in India, Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Iran, etc..Movies include Architecture 101 (South Korea), Asura Anime Film Night (Japan), B.A. Pass (India), Beijing Flickers (China), Cairo 678 (Egypt), Parizod (Heaven–My Abode (Uzbekistan)), The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested (Asian-American) and more. This is an outstanding curated film fest with many of the movies being award winners from around the world. Runs through May 19. Screenings are at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Earth Theater; Melwood Screening Room and Classroom; and the Regent Square Theater.

3)  The Pirates play “the Brew Crew” (Milwaukee Brewers) again in a 7:05 p.m. game at PNC Park. Here’s to hoping that the Pirates make Milwaukee cry in their beer. North Shore.

4) Don’t be a “hayseed.”  Get on over to Peter’s Pub for country music night with DJ DAVE.   Check out their great specials: $5.50 fish bowls,  $7.50 Smirnoff fish bowls (10 p.m. – midnight),  $2 Yuengling bottles (10 p.m. – midnight), $5.50 Bud Lt. pitchers (all day, everyday),  and if you need some protein in the picture, $5 sandwiches.  5 – 10 p.m. 116 Oakland Ave., Oakland.

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