Attack Theatre Staging ‘In Defense of Gravity’; Team Trivia at Sideline’s Bar & Grill (Sun., 12/4/17)

Attack Theatre attacks 'In Defense of Gravity.'

Attack Theatre attacks ‘In Defense of Gravity.’

1) Attack Theatre creates striking original works of dance through unusual collaborations. Last year’s Laws of Attraction, devised with input from science experts, applied the laws of physics to human relationships. Now the Attack dancers return with In Defense of Gravity, which may sound like another physics thing but isn’t really. The feature-length piece was inspired by—and uses samples from—the poetry of Jimmy Cvetic, who after a career as a police detective has won renown for his gritty poems with touching titles such as “You Almost Bite a Guy’s Nose Off Because He Tries to Kill You and a Whore Jumps on Your Back and You Think of the Big Whorehouse in the Sky and That Ain’t Bragging.”

So. Speaking of titles, why In Defense of Gravity? Attack Theatre says the piece explores how we respond to life’s “heavy” moments. With vocalist Anqwenique, voice actor Patrick Jordan of barebones productions, and musicians Jeff Berman, Ben Brosche, and Ben Opie. In the company’s George R. White Studio, 2425 Liberty Ave., Strip District. 6 p.m. Ends today. (MV)

2) What U.S. city was the first to host the Olympics (see the end of this pick for the answer)? This and other questions are some that you may be faced with while playing team trivia. One such location for this activity is Sidelines Bar & Grill in Millvale, run by Pittsburgh Bar Trivia and hosted by Entertainment Central team member Christopher Maggio. Teams can have up to ten people, registration for the Sunday night competition begins at 7:45 p.m. and the match runs from 8-10 p.m. What is to be gained from attending a trivia night? A fun outing, knowledge (or realizing how much you don’t know), camaraderie, and for the winning team—one free drink per person. The answer to the trivia question is St. Louis, Missouri in 1904. 621 Evergreen Rd., Millvale.