Drive-in Movies and Drive-up Food Places (Mon., 9/7/20)

Coronavirus has made some old entertainments extremely popular again. Drive-in movie theaters and drive-up restaurants are seeing even more business this summer. Two in those categories that are very well known are Moon Township’s Dependable Drive-In and Jerry’s Curb Service in Bridgewater, Beaver County. Other good drive-ups are Page Dairy Mart (4112 E. Carson St., Becks Run) and Glen’s Custard in Springdale (original location) and Lower Burrell. Local ice cream chain gone international, Bruster’s, has 10 locations in the Pittsburgh area including the original location in Bridgewater. There’s also Allegheny Ice Cream near the entrance to the zoo on Butler Street. Other drive-in movie screens in the region include: Riverside (Vandergrift), Evergreen (Mt. Pleasant), Brownsville (Grindstone), and Starlight (Butler). So “head out on the highway looking for adventure” in your personal social distancer—a car. (RH)

Allegheny County offers two series, one with family-oriented films and one with “date night” movies. The Family Series runs to October 3 with sundown showings on Tuesdays at Boyce Park, Thursdays at South Park, and Saturdays at Hartwood Acres Park. Movies include The Goonies and Toy Story 4 and a bunch more. The Date Night schedule goes to October 2 with screenings on alternate Fridays at South Park and Hartwood Acres. La La Land and Grease are among the Date Night films. Details and attendance info for both series are on the County Parks Special Events webpage and Facebook page, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. 

Additionally there are also drive-in movies being shown monthly at Carrie Furnaces in Rankin. Wow, talk about a dramatic backdrop! For more info on Carrie Carpool Cinema check the Rivers of Steel website. (MV)