Duane Michals’ “Storytelling” Exhibit Continues at CMOA; “The Loft” Now Screening (CPs Mon., 2/2/15)

Letter-from-my-Father. All images of Duane Michals' photos are courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery.

All images of Duane Michals’ photos are courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery.

1) Chilly days are made for enjoying indoor art, and the hottest show in town—indeed, one of the hottest in the country—is Storyteller: The Photographs of Duane Michals at the Carnegie Museum of Art. MIchals is a living legend if not a household name. Born in McKeesport, he rocked the New York art world (and gained a global following) with very unusual photos that “tell stories.” Some are in sequences, like panels of a comic strip, and some have storytelling captions. Subjects range from the cosmic to the erotic to the laugh-out-loud absurd—as does Michals himself. Allow time to watch Duaneland, the 64-minute film screened continuously within the show. Through March 2. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 4400 Forbes Ave., Oakland.


2) The Loft The original version of this movie was Belgian, then the Dutch remade it. Now here comes the American adaptation. It’s a thriller about five married men who keep an apartment where they can bring a floozy for a little extramarital action … until one day  the body of a woman is discovered in the flat and they realize one of them has committed murder. With Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, and Eric Stonestreet. Check Fandango for screens and times.

3) It’s Global Mondays at Cappy’s Cafe in Shadyside with imported bottled beers for only $3. While there, team up an import with a bowl of their scrumptious chili, 1/2-pound beef or turkey burger, or French dip sandwich. 5431 Walnut St.