Front Porch presents ‘A … My Name Is Still Alice’ at New Hazlett (Sun., 5/19/24)

The cast of 'A...My Name is Still Alice' in a chorus line formation. (Photo: Deana Muro)

The cast of ‘A…My Name is Still Alice’ in a chorus line formation. (Photo: Deana Muro)

Front Porch Theatricals bills itself as “Pittsburgh’s Boutique Professional Musical Theater Company.” Over the years, Front Porch has done musicals you’re not likely to see otherwise in Pittsburgh, from lesser-known cult favorites to under-appreciated blasts from the past. Now the company offers another rare gem: A … My Name Is Still Alice. This unusual show played off-Broadway in 1992, where it was praised as a worthy followup to A … My Name Is Alice, which had earlier scored a surprise hit in Greenwich Village. Like its predecessor, Still Alice is an all-female musical sketch revue. The sketches—humorous, with a psycho-social sting—depict women of the 1990s rassling with personal and professional dilemmas while they try to break through glass ceilings without picking up splinters. Songs include “Painted Ladies,” “Hard Hat Woman,” and a tongue-in-cheek tribute to those “Sensitive New Age Guys.” The show was created by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd along with a host of New York composers and writers. Contributors included Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin) and a then-young Lynn Nottage, the future Pulitzer Prize winner. See A … My Name Is Still Alice at 2 p.m. in the New Hazlett. Through May 26 at 6 Allegheny Square East, North Side. (M.V.)


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