Garabino’s Serving a Variety of Italian Fare in East Liberty (Sat., 3/27/21)

Now in its fourth generation, Garbarino’s gives patrons the choice to dine at home or on site. Either way, it’s an upscale, authentic Italian experience. To-go Sicilian pizzas include regular, olive, formage (with four different cheeses), and Pittsburgh. (No, the last doesn’t have french fries but rather banana pepper, Italian sausage, sweet onion, and tomato sauce.) One can also buy fresh-made pastas (rigatoni and spaghetti) and sauces to cook at home whenever a craving for Italian strikes. Pastas constitute a big portion of the dine-in menu, and these run the gamut of spaghetti bolognese to spaghetti pesto alfredo. The restaurant serves three different parmesans under entrées (eggplant, chicken, or veal). A gluten-free entrée (upon request) is the branzino diavolo. Carnivores can enjoy the chicken piccata or the 12 oz. New York strip prime. Different salads, crispy brussels, fried mozzarella, meatballs, and beans & greens make for some eclectic appetizers. For dessert? Cannoli or tiramisu. Garbarino’s also offers a family-style catering menu, with items that feed six to eight people. 5925 Baum Blvd., East Liberty. (C.M.)