Top Metal Singer Geoff Tate Plays Diesel; CMU Staging ‘Edward II’ (Wed., 2/22/17)

1) Geoff Tatethe former lead singer of the progressive metal band Queensrÿche—has been ranked as one of the best metal singers of all time by several music industry publications. As a founding member of Queensrÿche, he is credited with being the force behind one of the band’s biggest albums, the 1988 platinum-selling Operation: Mindcrime. Tate was fired from the band after a backstage altercation in 2012. And until things got settled legally, there were actually two versions of Queensrÿche. Isn’t rock ‘n’ roll grand! In the settlement, he gave up his rights to the title in exchange for the exclusive rights to Operation: Mindcrime and its sequel, 2006’s Operation: Mindcrime II. He now tours with his band under the name Operation: Mindcrime and is also currently on a solo acoustic tour that takes him this month to Diesel Club Lounge. Opening is Voice of Extreme. 8 p.m. 1601 E. Carson St., South Side. 

Christopher Marlowe brought a story from the deep past to stage in 'Edward II.'

Christopher Marlowe brought a story from the deep past to stage in ‘Edward II.’

2) To historians, the reign of Edward II of England from 1307-27 illustrates that being a king in medieval times was no soft job. Edward was by all accounts a good-natured man who cut a dashing figure, but he struggled to cope with constant wars and violent internal intrigues, and was eventually forced to abdicate. Over 200 years later, Christopher Marlowe—a controversial character in his own right—wrote a play dealing boldly with a controversial aspect of the story: the erotic nature of Edward’s friendship with the nobleman Piers Gaveston. Marlowe was a brilliant playwright and his Edward II has earned a niche as an early classic of LGBT theater. 8 p.m. Performances through February 24. Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama is staging Edward II in the Purnell Center for the Arts, on campus at 5000 Forbes Ave., Oakland. (MV)