Granati Brothers Perform Benefit for Lincoln Park Arts; Olympic Sprinter Jesse Owens Focus of ‘Race’ (Fri., 2/17/16)

1) Hermie, Rick, Joey, and David are the kinfolk who make up the Granati Brothers. To add a little different musical flavor a non-family member—Tony Bonomo—is also in the group. The Brothers’ strength comes from classic rock power combined with tight harmonies. In the ’80s they opened for Van Halen at 78 sold out shows and have also shared the stage with some of rock’s top names including Bruce Springsteen, The J. Giles Band, The Doobie Brothers, and Peter Frampton.  In ’81 David Granati’s killer riffs garnered him a nomination for player of the year by Guitar Player Magazine.  The band has also played under the banner of G-Force. The Brothers’ concert in Midland is a CD release party for their latest work The Show and also a benefit for Lincoln Park Arts. 7:30 p.m. Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, 1 Lincoln Park, Midland.


2) Race – It’s astonishing to think it’s taken Hollywood 80 years to get around to filming a version of Jesse Owens’ remarkable feats at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I wonder why? By ’36 Hitler was Germany’s leader and using the Olympics to promote his vision of “Aryan racial superiority.” And it was at those same Olympics that the African America Owens won four gold medals and set a number of records. Hooray for our side! But Race also tells the story that while the government used Owens as an advertisement for racial equality in the global community, he faced institutionalized segregation and racism in his home country. Indeed, after the Olympics Owens ended up a gas station attendant. Stephan James plays Owens and the film also features William Hurt, Tim McInnerny, David Kross, Clarice van Houten and in a rare dramatic role Jason Sudeikis. For screens and times check Fandango.  (TH)


3) Zoolander 2 – I think it’s safe to say that nobody asked, but Ben Stiller returns with a sequel to his hit 2001 comedy about a sweet but clueless supermodel (Stiller) who got caught up in a plot of international intrigue. While it won’t ever win awards for the depth of its dramaturgy, it was cute and fun; a one-joke movie that knew when the joke was done. I wonder how that one joke is going to fare being stretched into a second full length movie; fashion models are being killed and Zoolander comes to the rescue. If nothing else, there’s a starry cast guaranteed to distract in case the film bogs down: Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Christine Taylor return from the original, along with Penélope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Benedict Cumberbatch and, get a load of this!, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. For screens and times check Fandango. (TH)

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