Green Pepper Offers a Variety of Korean Dishes (Mon., 3/1/21)

Don’t let the name fool you. Green Pepper serves much more than a single vegetable. In fact, this Korean restaurant has a very full menu. Its website describes “garlbee” (marinated beef ribs) as the “signature fine dining item in Korean cuisine,” and Green Pepper’s garlbee is no exception. Bring a date, and get the “sarm gyeob sarl,” which serves two people. If the BBQ-grilled Korean bacon, which you can hand-roll in lettuce, isn’t enough, the entree comes with fresh vegetables and soup. Most entrees hover around $15 with larger items, like the sarm gyeob sarl, costing more. BYOB or purchase alcohol, from Yuengling to wine to cold soju. For $5.61, BYOC (bring your own cake), and the restaurant will provide plates and silverware. You can also purchase slices of cake at Green Pepper from Sumi’s Cakery, another Squirrel Hill business. Screens playing KPop music videos offer something original in the way of background entertainment. Plus, two elegant, spacious rooms. 2020 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill. (CM)