Grist House Serving Take-out Craft beer in Its 2 Locations (Fri., 9/4/20)

Neither alien nor champagne, but rather a delicious sour.

Neither alien nor champagne, but rather a delicious sour. (photo: Christopher Maggio)

Although Grist House’s taproom is still closed due to COVID-19, people can purchase four-packs to go or fills of new 32-ounce and 64-ounce growlers at its outdoor trailer in Millvale. Also available: glassware and merchandise, such as hats and shirts. (Just make sure to stand six feet from one another in line. Gotta keep up that social distancing.) The brewery delivers within five miles of this location too. At its Collier location—a former Cold-War-era Nike missile command center—customers can purchase four-packs and merchandise to go. As with non-pandemic times, brews go in and out of stock, so check what’s available and what can-releases are upcoming via social media. Some past favorites include Mad House Volume 1 (7.4% ABV), a collaborative New England IPA with Mad Mex restaurants, and Alien Champagne (4.5% ABV), an amber-bodied sour that tastes pleasantly of grapefruit. Grist House opened in Millvale in 2014.

Noon-8 p.m. Daily 
10 E. Sherman St., Millvale and 301 Sgt. Messerschmidt Rd., Oakdale. (CM)