Jewish Film Festival JFilm Continues Online (Sun., 4/25/21)

The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival JFilm is celebrating its 28th annual Film Festival.This year’s festival will continue to build upon the success of last year’s re-Imagined JFilm with a standout lineup of 18 high quality feature films. The goal of the festival continue to be the same, ” [To show] international Jewish-themed films that deepen audiences’ understanding of Jewish culture, tolerance, and our common humanity.”

Films are streamed on demand with online Film Schmooze events scheduled throughout the Festival’s run. One Schmoose is happening this afternoon at 3 p.m. for the film Though Shall Not Hate. It’s an Italian drama involving Simone, a Jewish surgeon and son of a Holocaust survivor, who has to make makes a quick decision as he comes across the scene of a hit-and-run accident involving a neo-Nazi. Suffering from guilt he seeks to learn more about the man and his family. This sets him upon a complicated path. Award-winning actor Alessandro Gassmann plays Simone in this noted film by Mauro Mancini. The JFilm festival continues through May 2.

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