Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers at Club Cafe; Lamp Theatre Hosts The Clarks (Sat., 2/17/18)

1) Pittsburgh rock royalty Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers have remained a constant on the Pittsburgh music scene as the city morphed from steel mills to high-tech foundry. Grushecky is a consummate singer/songwriter; in 2017, he penned the anti-President Trump protest song “That’s What Makes Us Great.” His pal, Bruce Springsteen, liked it and agreed to sing on it. Grushecky and The Houserockers have a new album coming out, More Yesterdays than Tomorrows. Other recent work by Grushecky includes It’s In My Song, an acoustic solo album of songs in his catalog that he created new arrangements for. He and The Houserockers are playing just off East Carson Street on the South Side at Club Cafe. 9 p.m. 56-58 S.12th St., South Side. (RH)

2) Just as assuredly as Pittsburghers can expect tailgating at the Stillers game, fries on their sammiches, and backups at every tunnel, they can expect The Clarks to keep playing solid working-class rock. The group gained a strong local following in the early ’90s gigging at clubs like Graffiti (remember Graffiti?), and has remained together and active long after nearly every other band on the scene during that era called it quits. After 25 years, 16 albums, countless gigs and zero line-up changes, The Clarks have gone from being a regional favorite to a local institution. And the band members, who formed at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, have never forgotten their home turf. Their most recent album is 2015’s Rewind, released on the Clarkhouse Entertainment label. 8 p.m. Sold out. The Lamp Theatre, 222 Main St., Irwin. (EC, RH)