Last Day for City’s ‘The Night Alive’; Local Screens Offering ‘Burnt’ Movie; Bengal’s vs. Steelers (Sun., 11/1/15)

Thug alert: Kenneth (Brendan Griffin, L) is looking for happiness and he thinks Doc (Ciarán Byrne) knows where it's hidden.

Thug alert: Kenneth (Brendan Griffin, L) is looking for happiness and he thinks Doc (Ciarán Byrne) knows where it’s hidden. Photo: Kristi Jan Hoover.

1) There is a theater genre that doesn’t officially have a name, so let’s describe it: “spooky, dark-humor Irish tales of suspense and existential terror, played out among members of the struggling classes.” Playwright Conor McPherson is a master of the genre, and City Theatre is presenting his latest, The Night Alive. The central character is a disorganized young man who works odd jobs while living in an apartment full of odd junk that reflects his fragmented sense of the world. Stumbling across a young woman who has been violently attacked, he brings her to his home, and strange and perilous adventures await. The Night Alive opened in London in 2013 and already has been picked up by such major U.S. companies as Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre; City’s production is the Pittsburgh premiere. 2 p.m. Ends today.1300 Bingham St., South Side. (MV)

2) BurntAccording to the press materials, Bradley Cooper plays an up-and-coming chef who destroys his career with “drugs and diva behavior.” As someone who spent years working in the restaurant biz, I can only say “Destroyed? As if!” I knew a lot of chefs back then, and believe me, diva behavior and drug use seemed to be requirements for the job. Anyway, Bradley cleans himself up and heads to London in an effort to resurrect his career by opening a new restaurant that can win the coveted Michelin three stars. John Wells directs a pretty impressive cast, including Lily James, Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl, Emma Thompson, and Matthew Rhys. Check Fandango for screens and times. (TH)

3) The Steelers, who are coming off a loss against the Kansas City chiefs at Kansas City, line up this week against AFC North Division rivals the Cincinnati Bengals, currently residing atop the division. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be back under center for the first time since he was injured in the Ravens game. Go Steelers! 1 p.m. 100 Art Rooney Ave., North Shore.

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