Modest Mouse and Brand New at Stage AE; ‘Fursonas” Furry Documentary at Harris Theater (Tues., 7/5/16)

1) Formed in Issaquah, Washington in the early ’90s, Modest Mouse earned critical acclaim and a cult following for their quirky, lo-fi sound. However, mainstream success didn’t come their way until 2004’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News with its irrepressible single, “Float On.” The 2007 follow-up, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, hit number one on the Billboard charts, but it was a long wait until the next LP—Strangers to Ourselves, released in 2015. Despite the gap between releases, the band still managed to sell out Stage AE while touring that album. They’ve sold out Stage AE again this year, but with some help from Long Island punk rockers Brand New, who will share the bill with Modest Mouse. It’s been a while since Brand New released a new album—their last was 2009’s Daisy—though they dropped the single “I Am a Nightmare” this year. “2000-2018” is emblazoned on the group’s new line of T-shirts, perhaps hinting at a future disbandment. Those lucky enough to have tickets should soak in as much of the show as they can, just in case. Doors open 6 p.m. 400 North Shore Dr., North Shore. (HM/CM)

2) Fursonas You can’’t have missed them. Every June in downtown Pittsburgh you spot giant dogs, cats, foxes, wolves and heaven knows what else clogging up the intersections. Is it a gathering of sport team mascots? Has an evil overlord cast a spell on the city’s pets? Did you perhaps take a little too much Ambien the night before? Not at all, it just means that, as it does ever summer, Pittsburgh has the honor of hosting the annual Furry Convention. Furries are a subculture of people (mostly, but by no means all, young) who dress up and adopt animal personas. Not surprising the movement, which began in 1980, grew out of a sci-fi convention but has since taken on a very multi-faceted life of its own. This documentary, directed by Dominic Rodriquez, follows a group of Furries as they travel the country living their furry lives. 7:30 p.m. Screenings through July 7. Pittsburgh Filmmakers Harris Theater, 809 Liberty Ave., Cultural Dirstrict.

3) Getaway to the tropics with a trip to brillobox for Tropical Tuesdays. There you’ll feel the trade winds (breeze from the fans) soothing your overdue vacation bones. Here’s a sampling of their specials: $3 select craft cans, $4 frozen drinks, $10 California bubble bath, $10 Eva Peron, $7 Fernet con cola, and $6 Coronita Margaveza. You can also sop up the island drinks with $7 pineapple soy-glazed chicken or tofu skewers served with Caribbean sweet potato salad. Shoes and shirt required. 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. 4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield.

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