Mythburgh’s ‘Yinzer Scared’ Continues Online at 12 Peers (Wed., 2/10/21)

MYTHBURGH Series. 12 Peers. Episodes by various writers. Ongoing Streaming.

12 Peers Theater is a small Pittsburgh company known for producing great plays, and also for its Mythburgh storytelling events, which until last spring were held live at brillobox. Covid-19 put that on hold but the Mythburgh concept has returned online, in somewhat altered form. It’s now a monthly series titled Yinzer Scared Online. Each episode consists of a spooky Pittsburgh-based story peopled by an imaginary but recurring cast of characters: Think “Night Vale,” except it has video and is expressly for yinz! Click the preceding Yinzer Scared link to watch—and to catch up on episodes you may have missed. Episodes include: “Mystic Matt and the Bridge to Nowhere,” “Fake Boos,” “Blue Rendezvous 2: Purgatory Drift,” and “Ghoulfriends.” (M.V.)