Nak Won Garden Blossoms in Shadyside; Global Mondays at Cappy’s (Mon., 9/19/16)

1) Perhaps you’ve seen the line for seating stretched out the door. Nak Won Garden, located next to Giant Eagle’s Market District, is the hottest Korean restaurant in the city right now. It’s also a family affair. Chung-Chu Yi and his sister and her daughter all help to run the establishment. They promise more traditional dishes, but, no worries, they have plenty of kimchi and that Korean BBQ Americans love. Pittsburghers, meanwhile, love Nak Won Garden. As for vegetarians, the menu asks to simply “Lettuce know before ordering.” Gotta love a restaurant with a sense of humor. 5504 Centre Ave., Shadyside. (CM)

2) It’s Global Mondays at Cappy’s Cafe in Shadyside with imported bottled beers for only $3. While there, team up an import with a bowl of their scrumptious chili. 5431 Walnut St.

3) After audiences’ tepid response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. Pictures has a lot riding on the ensemble film Suicide Squad. If the DC Comics cinematic universe is to grow as much as Marvel’s, then more moviegoers have to start attending. Luckily for both DC and Warner Bros., even if the script turns out to be subpar, the cast and characters are sure to sell plenty of tickets. Will Smith plays Deadshot, a mercenary and father. Harley Quinn makes her cinematic debut, with Australian actress Margot Robbie playing the former psychiatrist turned Joker’s beau. As for the Crown Prince of Crime, Oscar-winner Jared Leto will be trying his hand at the character. Ben Affleck reprises his role as Batman. The movie itself is about a sort-of anti-Justice League, super villains recruited by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to work undercover black ops for the United States government. Things get tricky when the Joker gets involved. David Ayer, who wrote 2001’s Training Day, wrote and directed Suicide Squad. For screens and times check Fandango. (CM)