New ‘Angle’ Documentary Focuses on Rise of WWE Superstar Kurt Angle (Thurs., 9/21/22)

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, native, Kurt Angle is a champion. Not only for his success as a WWE superstar and Olympic gold medal winner, but also for overcoming obstacles like a prescription drug addiction, several broken necks, and some family tragedies.

Now there’s a new documentary film, Angle, that mainly focusing on the wrestler’s pre-WWE years. The story chronicles Angle’s days as a NCAA champion wrestler at Clarion University under the tutelage of Coach Bob Bubb, his ascent to Olympic gold medal winner, and rise to WWE fame.

The documentary, now streaming on Peacock, is directed by Alex Perry and produced by Ross Dinerstein. Perry has said, “When I found out that his WWE gimmick was based on his real-life story of his pre-WWE years—specifically winning a gold medal with a ‘broken freakin’ neck’—I found that story to be incredibly fertile ground to explore.” Perry and Angle collaborated on a comedy video “Olympic Trials with Kurt Angle” in 2012 that ran on Funny or Die. They became friends in the process and decided to independently film the documentary together. When done, Angle was picked up by WWE and Peacock. Angle is rated PG and runs one hour and 47 minutes.

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