Night Market Gourmet Features Taiwanese Street Foods and Asian Fare (Tues., 11/10/20)

Taiwanese crispy chicken (l.) and prawn with duck eggs. (photo: Rick Handler)

Taiwanese crispy chicken (l.) and prawn with duck eggs.

Looking to replicate the tasty foods of Taiwanese night markets, business partners Mike Chen, Steve Chow, and Ren Jiang opened Night Market Gourmet in Oakland. Chen was the original owner of Pittsburgh’s China Palace restaurants and currently the owner (with Chow) of Squirrel Hill’s Everyday Noodles.

Night Market Gourmet features a selection of very popular Taiwanese dishes like prawn with duck eggs, Taiwanese style crispy chicken, Golden Tofu Nuggets, oysters omelette, and braised beef noodle soup. Other interesting offerings include five spice flank steak, panfried white pomfret fish, and spicy intestine, chicken with basil and garlic in clay hot pot; braised pork belly with preserved vegetable, Be Feng Tong Shrimp, Korean BBQ.

There are many dishes on the menu that aren’t seen much at other Chinese restaurants, but Night Market Gourmet does also offer the ubiquitous traditional American favorite Chinese dishes that are on many restaurant menus like General Tso’s Chicken, kung pao chicken, and lo mein. 114 Atwood St., Oakland.