Original Oyster House Has Regular Menu and Cook at Home Offerings and a Gift (Wed., 4/1/20)

Established in 1870, the Original Oyster House is the oldest bar and restaurant in Pittsburgh. Two world wars, a Great Depression, a Great Recession, and myriad other worldwide calamities never stopped it, and this current one isn’t either. Patrons can order for pick-up from its full regular menu during modified hours. The menu includes its Famous Jumbo Fish Sandwich ($8) and Lightly Breaded Oyster Sandwich ($8.85). The Salmonburger ($7.15)—served with lettuce, tomato, and chips—is another tasty meal. Additionally, the restaurant added items specifically to prepare at home. These include frozen 6-oz. and 7-oz. cod filets ($6 and $7, respectively), 21/25 frozen shrimp and frozen/cleaned squid tubes ($9.50 per pound), and six-packs of beer, which average $8.50 to $9.50. Plus customers can purchase $4 quarts of coleslaw and macaroni salad. For every $20 you spend, you can receive one free roll of toilet paper. Perfect if your local grocery store’s shelves are still bare. (Prices do not include tax. Call ahead of time to ensure what you want is in stock.) Gift cards are available for purchase via phone.  20 Market Square, Downtown. (CM)