Parker’s Pittsburgh Offers Fun Sandwich Selections; Diamondbacks vs. Pirates (Tues., 8/18/15)

1) Dormont Dogs may have gone to heaven, but mourners can still order a Dormont dog at Parker’s Pgh, the sandwich-shop now in its place. The menu offers “the original ‘dormont dogs,’” including hot dogs named after Dormont streets, just like the old hotdog shop used to have. Parker’s of course boasts plenty of its own originals. It’s these options that have made it the packed establishment it is today. Located just off Potomac Avenue, Dormont’s main drag, Parker’s specializes in sandwiches, both for breakfast and lunch, plus salads, and sides. Customers can build their own, pick a menu item, or leave their culinary fate in the hands of the artisans with The Lottery Ticket—the staff picks the bun, meats, cheese, and condiments. Their bacon mac and cheese is a hit, and they proudly brew Zeke’s coffee. They also have a limited daily amount of pretzels from the South Side’s Pretzel Shop. Local delivery is available during lunch hours as well. 2911 Glenmore Ave., Dormont. (CM)

2) Tonight’s the middle game of a three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks for our Pittsburgh Pirates. Every game counts as the Bucs chase the first place Cardinals 7:05 p.m. PNC Park, 115 Federal St., North Shore.


3) Fantastic Four – Who isn’t shocked to learn that 10 long years have gone by without a remake of The Fantastic Four? A whole decade! Yes, 2005 brought us the first film version of the one of Marvel’s oldest comic book franchises, but after the 2007 sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer flopped, plans were shelved in hopes of happier times. If we know nothing else about Marvel Studios, we know that if there’s a chance to make some money they’d film a guy hanging wallpaper … if he’d wear a leotard doing it. So here comes this latest version; Four youngsters get caught up in a space travel experiment which goes horrible wrong and when they arrive back on Earth they’ve returned with heretofore unknown powers.

Miles Teller plays Reed, a sort of human Gumby; Kate Mara is Sue, who makes herself invisible; Michael B. Jordan plays Johnny a.k.a “The Human Torch” (you’ll never guess what he can do) and poor Jamie Bell is stuck playing Ben Grimm who can turn himself into a big rock and spends most of the movie as a CGI effect. They join forces to battle the evil Dr. Doom and pretty soon it looks like … well, whatever it always seems to look like in a Marvel movie. For screens and times check Fandango. (TH)

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