Pittsburgh Playwrights Previews Monteze Freeland’s ‘Fishy Woo Woo’ (Thurs., 5/30/24)

What’s in a name? So asked Juliet, in a line Shakespeare wrote for her long ago, but it’s doubtful that either of them could have foreseen a play called Fishy Woo Woo. Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company—known for its stirring productions of August Wilson’s plays—also lives up to its corporate name by staging the works of other playwrights in our city. And Monteze Freeland—who has made quite a name for himself as a director and actor—is the writer behind Fishy Woo Woo. The full significance of these words can be gleaned only by watching the play. In a nutshell, it’s a comedy about a guy whose friends want to help him get over a breakup. Despite the apparent childishness of Woo Woo, mature content is involved, leading the company to state that “no one under 16 will be admitted.” Further, the Fishy may imply that something fishy flounders beneath the surface. What could it be? The actors are Cheryl Bates, Mils James, Royce Jones, and Jason Shavers. See Fishy Woo Woo in Pittsburgh Playwrights’ brand new HQ. 8 p.m.. 3401 Milwaukee St., Hill District. (M.V.)


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