Potato Soup Daily at Eat’n Park and On the News (Fri., 4/10/20)

I saw on Twitter recently that Eat’n Park is offering their very tasty potato soup every day for a limited time. I thought to myself, that’s interesting, they normally offer it only on a specific day each week. Is it a cult classic at the restaurants? Is it a comfort food that people were calling for during our difficult time? Or could it have restorative healing properties akin to chicken noodle soup? Then that evening I saw on the CBS Evening News a story about a 90 year-old woman, Geneva Wood, who was almost down for the final count from coronavirus. She hadn’t eaten for about four days. Both her and her daughter knew just what was needed, something that helped her when she had been ill before—potato soup! Needless to say she is now completely recovered. So, head on over to the nearest Eat’n Park for some potato soup to enjoy at home. Other favorites of this writer are Whale of a Cod fish sandwich, turkey club, Superburger, and rosemary chicken, and the bacon and cheese omelet. Eat’n Park has a more limited, but still sizable take-out menu during this time of limited operations. 🙂