Kinetic Theatre Previews Mamet’s ‘A Life in the Theatre’ (Thurs., 6/13/24)

Sam Tsoutsouvas and Joseph McGranaghan in Kinetic Theatre's 'A Life in the Theatre." (Photo: Rocky Raco)

Sam Tsoutsouvas and Joseph McGranaghan in Kinetic Theatre’s ‘A Life in the Theatre.” (Photo: Rocky Raco)

Smart theater fans know that world premieres are overrated. Every play in human history that ever made it onto a stage somewhere has had a “world premiere,” and there have been zillions and they keep coming, but newness in itself says nothing about quality. Maybe what’s more interesting is to see a seldom-produced play from the past by an old master. David Mamet qualifies as an old master even though he’s alive, because he is old. But he was a young new phenom when he wrote the 1977 comedy A Life in the Theatre. This zany two-hander is in fact about newness and oldness. In a series of sketches, we see a pompous old actor and an earnest young actor rehearsing and preparing together, and acting in crusty old plays while they absurdly try to make old material feel fresh and new. Is that meta enough for you? Kinetic Theater—always at the leading edge of what’s edgy—presents A Life in the Theatre with Sam Tsoutsouvas and Joseph McGranaghan as the actors playing actors. Through June 30 in the Rauh Studio Theatre in the Cathedral of Learning. 7:30 p.m. 4200 Fifth Ave., Oakland—where, next month, Kinetic will also do Mamet’s Oleanna. (M.V.) 


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