RADical Days at August Wilson African American Cultural Center (Fri., 11/6/20)

RADical Days is a big beautiful thank you to Allegheny County taxpayers for their support of various regional asset organizations each year with a small amount of their local taxes. County residents are rewarded with free events, programming, and activities on certain days by individual organizations. This year the activities and events are a mix of in-person and virtual. One of today’s highlights is the August Wilson African American Cultural Center. The Center’s latest exhibition is Like the Shapes of Clouds on Water by Dominic Chambers, a New Haven, Connecticut artist, who is originally from St. Louis.

The August Wilson Center describes the artist and his work as, “Chambers creates large scale paintings and drawings that reference literary narratives cited in books, various mythologies, and African-American history. Specifically, working through color field paintings, his current work is invested in exploring moments of contemplation and meditation through reading and leisure. His work is founded upon the relationship between reality and fantasy. At this illusory boundary, Chambers negotiates ideas of magical realism by presenting Black figures as they delve into literature and contemplation within imagined landscapes.” Gallery hours today are 3 to 8 p.m. Free and open to the public without timed tickets. 980 Liberty Ave., Cultural District.