Scott Blasey Plays Allegheny County Parks Unplugged (Fri., 7/10/20)

If summer 2020 has given us a lot of lemons, then why not make lemonade. That is what Allegheny County has done with their summer music program. If we can’t gather on blankets close to a stage this summer, then gather round the electronic digital hearth with loved ones and enjoy some music from a sylvan setting. Parks Unplugged showcases talented local performers playing in a pretty setting from an Allegheny County park and shown via the County’s Facebook and YouTube Channel pages each Friday evening at 7 p.m. This evening’s performer is Scott Blasey, lead singer of The Clarks and solo artist, and who last week played the Allegheny County Sunday Concert Series with the band. Blasey also had his own recent virtual concert series, Live From the Blasement.

Scott Blasey going deep into a song.

Scott Blasey going deep into a song. (photo: Rick Handler)