The Tim Stevens / Leonard Project Play Savoy; New Movie Monday (CPs Mon., 3/16/15)

1) The Tim Stevens / Leonard Project are on deck to play Savoy Restaurant’s Savoy Jazz Mondays 6 – 10 p.m. Liven up your Monday with some great jazz. No cover. 2623 Penn Ave., Strip District.


2) Unfinished Business Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson star as three co-workers traveling to Europe to close a business deal and save their struggling company. Along the way they get caught up with old girlfriends, drugs & alcohol and a sex fetish convention. It’s being categorized as The Hangover meets Hot Tub Time Machine – which may or may not have just made up your mind for you, one way or another. Check Fandango for screens and times.


Cinderella Perhaps to make up for all the youth they traumatized with Into the Woods, Disney Studios presents a live action version of their classic 1950 animated feature. They’ve called in the big guns – Kenneth Branagh directs from a screenplay by Chris Weitz, featuring Cate Blanchett as the stepmother, Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother and Lily James in the title role. Be warned, this is not a musical … so if you’re going in hopes of singing along to “Bibbidi-Boddibi-Boo” you’ll only be disappointed. For local screens and times check Fandango.


Deli Man A documentary by Erik Greenberg Anjou focusing on the history of delicatessens in America. Through a look at traditional Jewish food and the manner in which is has been served, Deli Man traces the immigration and diaspora of Jews in the United States. As delis, and deli chains, have spread across the country, the old-fashioned Mom and Pop storefronts in urban neighborhoods are disappearing; the film looks at the pluses and minuses of that inexorable evolution.WARNING: Don’t go to this movie hungry! Check Fandango for screens and times.


Run All Night Poor Liam Neeson. In Taken they kidnapped his daughter, which set him out into the world with a bad attitude and lots of firearms. In Taken 3 and A Walk Among the Tombstones they killed his wife; cue bad attitude and big armor. And now, in Run All Night, Ed Harris is trying to kill his son. The guy just can’t seem to catch a break – he must wonder sometimes if life wouldn’t have been easier if he’d been born an orphan. Vincent D’Onofrio and Common are also on hand to add to the mayhem. For local screens and times check Fandango.

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