Unblurred First Friday on Penn Avenue Festivities (Fri., 7/5/24)

Unblurred: First Fridays on Penn — monthly gallery crawl and street fair.

Fans and friends of Aaron Pfeiffer began to crowd Fieldwork Contemporary Gallery when they learned he was back in town and performing at Unblurred.

During a 2015 Unblurred, fans and friends of artist/songwriter Aaron Pfeiffer gathered for his performance at Fieldwork Gallery. (Photo: Martha Rial)

Persons wishing to experience Pittsburgh’s summertime pleasures in the relative cool of the evening will do well to take part in the monthly Unblurred events along Penn Avenue in Garfield. They’re on the first Friday of each month, which, early this summer, means tonight July 5. And what’s up is quite a lot. Many art galleries along the street are open, as are other shops, eateries, and so forth. Some have music or performances. The Garfield Night Market, with stalls and vendors selling a wide spectrum of foods and crafts, operates in conjunction with Unblurred. Above all, Unblurred is a fine occasion to simply hang out, mill about, and enjoy. 3 p.m. till 11 p.m., 4800 through 5500 blocks of Penn Ave., Garfield. (M.V.)

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