Wigle Whiskey Offering Drive-through Pick-up in Strip (Wed., 5/6/20)

How Wigle Whiskey has grown since it opened March 2012. The distillery now boasts two tasting room and bottle shops: one downtown and another in Ross Park Mall. There’s also Wigle @ PITT (the Pittsburgh International Airport), the Distillery and Tasting Room on Smallman Street, and the Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden in Spring Garden. Tours are available at the Smallman and Spring Garden locations, the latter of which is open seasonally. Wigle Whiskey is named after Philip Wigle, who violently demonstrated against a new tax imposed on distillers. He was sentenced to hang for his involvement in a little local historical event that you may have heard of—The Whiskey Rebellion. President George Washington later pardoned him. Wigle spirits are also sold at local bars and restaurants, both in Pittsburgh and around the country. Note: Despite the coronavirus, drive-through pick-up is available at the Smallman location. You can also order spirits for delivery through FedEx. (CM)