4.48 psychosis

mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves

‘Squeeze My Cans’ at 12 Peers; off the WALL Staging ‘4.48 Psychosis’ (Thurs., 5/4/17)

‘Squeeze My Cans,’ ‘4.48 Psychosis’

Pittsburgh Rock ‘N Roll Legends Awards at Jergel’s; Steeltown Entertainment’s Elly Awards; ‘4.48 Psychosis’ at OTW (Thurs., 4/27/17)

Pittsburgh Rock ‘N Roll Legends Awards, Steeltown’s Elly Awards, ‘4.48 Psychosis,’ Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

L) and Stalin (Martin Giles) engage in spirited dialectics while Bulgakov's wife Yelena (Dana Hardy) tries to sleep it off in 'Collaborators.'|Harriet Beecher Stowe

April Theater Guide: History on Parade

Shows that are drawn from history, or tinker with it shamelessly, highlight this month’s live theater schedule in Pittsburgh.

Country Mega Star Carrie Underwood Plays Consol; ‘Where to Invade Next’ Latest from Michael Moore (Wed., 2/17/16)

Carrie Underwood, ‘Where to Invade Next,’ ‘4.48 Psychosis’

the past speaks to Ciara (Mary Rawson) and Ciara talks back.

February Theater Preview: Dark Side Rising, Sunny Days Ahead

Sometimes you want a walk on the dark side, and Pittsburgh’s upcoming theater schedule has the goods.

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