A poor chaiwallahÕs (tea seller) life is changed forever when a young girl is abandoned at a busy railway station and brings the place to a standstill with the beauty of her singing. An honest young policeman falls hopelessly in love but is rejected in favor of a disreputable poet. The contradictions of modern India with its iphones and ancient gods form the backdrop to this story about the dangers of keeping your soul locked in a cage. Award winning actor Jacob Rajan combines with musician David Ward to bring this intimate epic to life. Photo: Robert Catto.

Benedum Hosts ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’; ‘Elephant Wrestler’ at August Wilson Center (Fri., 10/30/15)

‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,’ ‘The Elephant Wrestler,’ ‘Brainpeople’

good things come in pairs. A duo from the famed Nrityagram center brings Indian classical dance to Pittsburgh

October Theater Preview: Time to Double Down

With so many shows to see on Pittsburgh stages this month, why not pick two?

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