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Being in a marriage can be difficult at times, no more so than the six wives of Henry VIII. 'Six' the musical celebrates them as strong, independent women. (Photo: Joan Marcus)

March 2023 Theater Guide: On Mainstage in March, The Power of Passion

There’s something about Pittsburgh’s for fish fry’s… and its passion for good theater.

Family reunions can be unpredictable. Anaia (Sarai Quinice, L), bearing the scars of a past meeting, pays an unwanted visit to her most-wanted dad (Javon Johnson) in 'Is God Is.'

‘Is God Is’ at barebones: Yeah, Go Ahead. Laugh!

A prize-winning Black black comedy arrives in Pittsburgh.

‘Is God Is’ Opens at barebones productions (Fri., 2/24/23)

‘Is God Is’

There's a different kind of loving embrace happening at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre - the bloodsucking kind. Pictured in the photo from 'Dracula' is Marisa Grywalski and Lucius Kirst. (Photo: Duane Rieder)

February 2023 Theater Guide: There’s Just Something About Truth That’s Universal

Why do people like to tell so many stories?

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