jonathan visser

and the hand-holder supervising her critical care—Ken Bolden

PICT’s ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ Is a Curious Experience!

The once-famous Dickens novel gets a Pittsburgh stage treatment that will carry you to strange places.

' actors (L to R) Tim McGeever

Enter the Maze: Quantum’s ‘Chatterton’ Will Take You Through

Quantum Theatre’s new play messes with your mind rather thoroughly—and artfully.

' actors (L to R) Tim McGeever

September Theater Guide: Is It ‘Fake History’ or Is It Art? 

Plays that re-imagine history are highlights of a loaded Pittsburgh theater schedule this month.

the court jester

Pittsburgh Public Theater’s ‘Hamlet’ a Fine Finale for Ted Pappas

The Shakespeare classic shines at The Public.

left front) boards a Greyhound bound for the faith healer

Do You Believe in Miracles? ‘Violet’ Does.

Front Porch Theatricals puts on a musical that takes off. You might want to see where it goes.

" set in Stalin's Russia

‘Collaborators’ Drums Up Ghosts of Terror Past

Quantum Theatre’s latest is a history-based tragicomic fantasy by John Hodge.

L) and Shylock (James FitzGerald) have a business relationship. Not shown: the monkey business that unfolds around them

PICT’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ Brings out the Laughs—and the Depths—of This Classic

Want to see Shakespeare done right? Try PICT Classic Theatre’s latest production..

they're all guilty of terror: Karen Baum

Night of the Undead: Poe’s ‘Two Tales of Terror’ at PICT

PICT Classic Theatre returns to action with a Gothic chiller adapted from two stories by Allan Poe.

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