Kim El

Family reunions can be unpredictable. Anaia (Sarai Quinice, L), bearing the scars of a past meeting, pays an unwanted visit to her most-wanted dad (Javon Johnson) in 'Is God Is.'

‘Is God Is’ at barebones: Yeah, Go Ahead. Laugh!

A prize-winning Black black comedy arrives in Pittsburgh.

Mythburgh Goes Online in ‘Yinzer Scared’ Series from 12 Peers (Sun., 8/30/20)

Mythburgh ‘Yinzer Scared On’


September Theater Guide: Choices for a Binge

Shows on Pittsburgh’s live theater schedule this month can get you thinking that you gotta catch ’em all.

Melessie Clark

“Ubuntu Holiday” Continues at Pittsburgh Playwrights; Off the Wall Running Fun “Or” (CPs Sun., 12/28/14)

“Ubuntu Holiday,” “Or,” Bengals vs. Steelers

Melessie Clark

“Ubuntu Holiday” Has Begun at Pittsburgh Playwrights; Chiefs vs. Steelers (CPs Sun., 12/21/14)

“Ubuntu Holiday,” Chiefs vs. Steelers, “Top Five”

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