king hedley ii

there was Alfred Jarry

June Theater Guide: Into the Not-So-Empty Void

Join us as we explore the unexpectedly lush ecosystem of summer theater in Pittsburgh.

Bill Toms plays some killer lead guitar riffs (c.) while Hard Rain and the Soulville Horns jam on.

Bill Toms and Hard Rain w/Soulville Horns at Moondogs; PPTCO Staging ‘King Hedley II’ at August Wilson House (Sat., 5/26/18)

Bill Toms and Hard Rain w/Soulville Horns, ‘King Hedley II’

as played by Edwin Booth in 1870.|Charlotte Brontë was ahead of her time.|Canadian actor Kyle Cameron plays Sean in ‘The White Chip.’|O lucky man: Nemorino (tenor Dimitri Pittas

April Theater Guide: A Deluge of Strong Shows

Pittsburgh theater companies aren’t tripping lightly into spring; they’re storming in.

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