Outside Mullingar

Con Alma's Shadyside ribbon cutting ceremony in 2019. (photo: Rick Handler)

Apple Hill Playhouse Opens ‘Outside Mullingar’; Wine Dinner at Con Alma (Thurs., 9/5/19)

‘Outside Mullingar’ Con Alma Wine Dinner


September Theater Guide: Choices for a Binge

Shows on Pittsburgh’s live theater schedule this month can get you thinking that you gotta catch ’em all.

“Macbeth” Continues at PICT; City Theatre Plays “Outside Mullingar” (CPs Sun., 10/19/14)

“Macbeth,””Outside Mullingar,” ” Yo Gabba Gabba Live!”

Kelsey Carthew stars as Engineer Rein.

October Theater Preview: Trusty Classics, Tantalizing Surprises

Plays on tap in Pittsburgh this October run the gamut from Shakespeare to dystopian satire, plus some new pieces.

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