Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company

while Katie Travis (as Christine Daaé) won last year’s prestigious Lotte Lenya Competition for singing AND acting talent.

February Theater Preview: Put Down the Clicker

February is peak season for live theater in Pittsburgh, with a vast up of shows that invite you to put down the remote and come on out.

Melessie Clark

“Ubuntu Holiday” Continues at Pittsburgh Playwrights; Off the Wall Running Fun “Or” (CPs Sun., 12/28/14)

“Ubuntu Holiday,” “Or,” Bengals vs. Steelers

Melessie Clark

“Ubuntu Holiday” Has Begun at Pittsburgh Playwrights; Chiefs vs. Steelers (CPs Sun., 12/21/14)

“Ubuntu Holiday,” Chiefs vs. Steelers, “Top Five”

In PICT's "Great Expectations

“Christmas Star” Shines Bright at Pittsburgh Playwrights; “L’Hotel” Continues at The Public (CPs Sun., 12/14/14)

“Christmas Star,” “L’Hotel,” “Exodus: Gods & Kings”

" young Pip (Dylan Marquis Meyers

December Theater Preview: Plays for All Seasons

Pittsburgh live theater in December features lots of Charles Dickens, some all-new holiday plays, and a couple of (extremely) wild cards.

From Sci-Fi Spoof to Psychodrama, ‘Acting Out’ Delivers a Bold Bill of New One-Acts

There is nothing in theater quite like an evening of one-acts. If the plays are right you get a greatest-hits effect, a sampling of tightly honed short pieces in different styles and moods. That’s what the Pittsburgh Pride Theater Festival is going for with this year’s offering: two comedies plus two dramas, all of them…

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