Pittsburgh Scarehouses

There's nothing funny about this clown! (Courtesy of Scarehouse 2013. (Photo by Jason Cohn)|I told you not to open that door! (Photo courtesy of Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction)|A creature emerging from the Scarehouse Basement|A new-age horror! (courtesy of Scarehouse 2013. Photo by Jason Cohn)|Human - The Other White Meat.|She died on the table.|Chain link massacre (Photo courtesy of Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction)|Don't even think of playing with the ScareHouse Doll Maker's dolls! (Photo courtesy Scarehouse 2013. Photo by Jason Cohn)|Time for your boo shot. (photo courtesy of Terror Town)

Tricks, Treats, and Halloween Fun

Autumn isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but maybe it should be. Think about it. The heat and humidity of the brutal Pittsburgh summer are finally waning, it’s cool enough for a hoodie at night, and the warm, rustic colors of fall make a comeback. I’m enjoying the foliage on my afternoon commute as I approach the inbound Fort Pitt Tunnels…

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