the elaborate entrance of chad deity

' missionaries Kevin and Arnold have a feeling they're not in Utah any more. (The photo is from the 2013 touring production.)

February Theater Guide: A Cavalcade of Culture

The month’s live theater schedule in Pittsburgh features shows across the cultural spectrum.

L) dons his fightin' sombrero and The Fundamentalist (Nicola Slade) flexes the Mother of All Triceps

The Art of the Heel: ‘Chad Deity’ at barebones

‘The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity’ is a journey into the trumped-up world of pro wrestling … and .

meet His Highness the King. Mezzo-soprano Leah de Gruyl may not look like Richard I when out of costume

January Theater Guide: Slow Start, Exciting Finish

In Pittsburgh theater, the schedule for early January is a bit spare but later there’s plenty of good fare.

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