the nutcracker midland

Julia (Sarah Goeke) excites Abe’s (Resnick) alter ego.

Last Week for City Theatre’s ‘The Wanderers’; Lincoln Park Has ‘The Nutcracker’ (Thurs., 12/15/22)

‘The Wanderers,’ ‘The Nutcracker’

Holiday Openings: ‘The Nutcracker’ at Lincoln Park & ‘Christmas Belles’ at Little Lake (Thurs., 12/9/21)

‘The Nutcracker,’ ‘Christmas Belles’

' and this season's show is a special edition. (photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Musical Theater)

December Theater Guide: Full Slate Returns

After last year’s hiatus, Pittsburgh once again has Dickens, ‘The Nutcracker,’ and much on stage.

Scoops owner Mike Collins gets the ice cream order from two customers.

Scoops Pittsburgh Features 40 Ice Cream Flavors, Cakes and Cookies; ‘The Nutcracker’s; ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Radio Play (Sundae, 12/15/19)

Scoops Pittsburgh Ice Cream, ‘The Nutcrackers,’ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Play,’

as Mr. Fezziwig

December Theater Guide: Scrooge, Santa, Nutcracker Star in Historic Sweep by Holiday Shows

From the traditional to the unconventional, it’s nearly all holiday-themed productions in Pittsburgh theaters this month.

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