the toxic avenger

Climate-change skeptics beware: The Toxic Avenger (Evan Ruggiero) will not be denied.

The Toasters Pop Up at Club Cafe; ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Continues Work at CLO Cabaret (Thurs., 1/12/17)

The Toasters, ‘The Toxic Avenger,’ Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

meet His Highness the King. Mezzo-soprano Leah de Gruyl may not look like Richard I when out of costume

January Theater Guide: Slow Start, Exciting Finish

In Pittsburgh theater, the schedule for early January is a bit spare but later there’s plenty of good fare.

soprano Katy Williams

December Theater Guide: To the Holidays… and Beyond

Live theater this month includes Christmas shows, a sort-of-Christmas show, and lots of stuff with no jingle bells whatsoever.

soprano Katy Williams

‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat’ at Quantum; CLO Staging ‘The Toxic Avenger’ (Wed., 11/30/16)

‘The Man Who Misto His Wife for His Hat,’ ‘The Toxic Avenger,’ Rock Star Karae

one of many classics on Pittsburgh stages in this year's 11th month.

November Theater Guide: From Shylock to ‘Salome,’ a Cool Month for Hot Classics

The ghosts of theater past are made present in revivals and remakes on Pittsburgh stages during November.

Climate-change skeptics beware: The Toxic Avenger (Evan Ruggiero) will not be denied.

CLO’s ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Onstage at Cabaret; The Move Makers at the Meadows (Sat., 10/22/16)

‘The Toxic Avenger,’ The Move Makers, ‘An Accident’

So simple and yet so puzzling: Jason Shavers (center) says it all with a look while Mary Elizabeth Drake and Jamen Nanthakumar expound in "The Fantasticks."

October Theater Guide: Dancing into Autumn, and Much More

October in Pittsburgh is so full of live theater that one may hardly know where to start, so why not start with our Guide?

the hat! Clad in crowning glory

September Theater Guide: Kickoff Time

September in Pittsburgh isn’t just about football—the city’s theatre companies open with some highlight-reel plays.

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